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Slime Kingdom

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A lowly slime barely survives an encounter with a hero and limps(?) his way home. He's mad about his lot in life as just a exp grab for some dimwitted hero. He's tired of the oppression of those wandering brutes and their swords and spells. He decides to fight back and create a safe place for slimes of all kinds to ooze about their lives.

This is his story...

You know the basic trope. A mob decides to be a hero, after some kind of miraculous event. But THIS time, it's a slime determined to make a safe space for him and his. The world is just like any RPG world with heroes, demon kings, dragons, etc and our gooey little friend has to overcome them. He'll need some help to avoid being a smear on some adventurer's boot. Can he recruit a strong enough team to all to accomplish his almost impossible goal?


  • Meet quirky and hilarious characters in you journey.

  • A cute, friendly, web comic feel, reminiscent of Order of the Stick and 8-Bit Theater!

  • Synergy-centered game mechanics based on closeness party members

  • A storyline that somehow similar to That time I was Reincarnated as a Slime (even thought I NEVER watched it).

  • Off-beat, cheesy humor that sometimes drop-kicks the Fourth Wall!!

  • Did I mention it was CUTE?

Hello my croutons and welcome back to another video! Today we take a look at Slime Kingdom by Cheddah Games! Please enjoy! Pros: Custom Art Well Written Dialogue Fun Characters and Concept Neutral: The battles need to be expanded upon and made more complex.