Official Releases and the HUNT FOR BETA TESTERS!

Today marks a BIG day for me.

Release Announcements2.png

I’ve released my first BETA!

Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem has released BETA 0, the first of it’s BETA Branch of development, along with the latest version of Slime Kingdom. I’m truly grateful for those who followed, offered feedback and even those who trashed my efforts, because it pushed me to keep moving and improving.

Now what I’m looking for is more feedback to better my games and help me grow as an Indie Game Developer. So, I’m turning on the BAT SIGNAL and searching for BETA TESTERS that are able to find all the bugs hiding in my games’s nooks and crannies!

If interested, here are the requirements:

  1. Definite interest in my Game Projects

  2. An eye for detail


  4. Able to stick with the Project for the LONG HAUL!

  5. Is able to enthusiastically spread the word about to your friends/family/enemies/strangers

If you think you can match at least ANY THREE of these conditions, please join my Dev Discord and help grow a great community of AWESOME people!