Monstrucs: A Retrospective Look Back (WAY BACK!!)

It may come as a surprise, but Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem, my longest running project, has been going on for many years (more than a DECADE, actually). This game has been revamped twice, before this latest incarnation, (the last one I'm editing  from now). The first version was made on RPG Maker 2K3. It was inspired by a very strange anime show I used to watch with my son wwaaaayy back.

Here's what I've worked on in the 1st reincarnation attempt on RPG Maker XP:

Here's what my old making system used to look:

You can try it out here. It's a quick little preview, where I used the default (FRONT VIEW) battle system to make Monstructs. It was pretty cool at first, but I've since moved on to a better system:

Old Monstructs Making Demo

You can find more pictures at my Photobucket account:

Old Pics Slideshow

Did you enjoy this little trip down memory lane? I know I did! Enjoy!!


Back to work for me!!