Changes on the Game Dev Front!

It’s been over a month since my last post, but I have not been idle. Both of my games have been getting up upgrades and changes that I feel will push them to the next level! Thankfully, I was blessed enough to get the help and resources to bring these ideas to reality.

Here’s how I’ve spent the last few weeks.


I’ve gotten some insightful feedback on my game’s beginning/ opening cutscenes. That got me brainstorming and I think I’ve reached something that would work. There also was a cool update on how Caste Abilities are used. Now you can switch up the first Party Member position and that will enable players to use these ability.


This past week or so, I FINALLY completed the look and playability for Slime Kingdom. Feel free check out the game’s page to see the updated images and also to download the LATEST VERSION!

Slime Knigdom Announce.png

One major change was the reduction in size of the party members to better help with the general look on the game. Beforehand, the party looked like they were being absorbed into each other.


Also, I was able and fortunate enough to find plugins that further cement and IMPROVE how the game’s dialogue and cutscenes.

So far here’s what’s been accomplished.

  1. Episode 1 of Slime Kingdom is done. I have established in terms of art, dialogue and mechanics.

  2. Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem is on track with it’s development and new upgrades that helped improve it.

Also, I’ve added a SUPPORT Page for those who’d like to help with the upkeep with this site. If you’ve found anything on this site to be helpful, please consider checking it out.