How to beat the Moon Lord! || Terraria TIPS and TRICKS

I’ve been getting some requests lately to fully explain my Hoik and Run method for killing the Moon Lord from Terraria, so here we are. Now this is the method I found that works EXTREMELY well for me. To date, it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s pretty easy; all you’ll need to do mostly is watch your health and click your mouse to victory!

FAIR WARNING: Changing this formula may result in failure. If you need help reach out to my Discord Server or leave a comment below!



Terrain Preparation:

  1. Create a hoik box 250-300 blocks long and 200-250 high.

  2. Create a smaller non-hoik box (roughly 200 blocks long and 150 high) within the hoik box.

  3. Create a (50-75 block) wide space in each of the vertical walls of the non-hoik box and two smaller (15- 20 block wide) ones in the horizontal walls.

The finished product should look similar to this:


My Hoik and Run setup


All you would need in terms of Armor and/or Accessories is what you would normally have at this point (optimized for Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Summoner), but you must make sure your TOTAL DEFENSE is 86 or above. For weapons, you'll need to use a Razorblade Typhoon either the Mythical, Godly or Demonic modifiers (Mythical is preferred to save mana) . You can also use either Nebula Blaze or Arcanum, due to the homing ability as well, though this might not be as effective. A Flairon or Scourge of the Corruptor with the Godly modifier could substitute, if you are just going to go full-on Warrior Mode. Any Hardmode Ranged weapon with homing projectiles can make use of this as well. Summoners, use either the Stardust Cell or Dragon with a Mythical, Godly or Demonic modifier.

Other items:

  • Four Campfires (placed near the hoik box's corners).

  • Four Hear Lanterns (same)

  • Super Healing Potion (4-8)

  • Endurance, Ironskin and Regeneration Potions (10-12 of each)

  • Any food item ("Well Fed" buff)

Optional Based on Class:

  • Sharpening Stone (Melee bonus)

  • Ammo Box (Chance to save on ammo)

  • Crystal Ball (Magic bonus)

  • Bewitching Table (+1 Minions)

How it all works:

No matter how you play this, it's going to be a long battle! Activate your buffs before the battle starts and during the battle as needed.

The objective of this setup is to cause as much damage as possible to the Moon Lord, while taking the least amount of damage in the process. The hoik moves you around so fast that you'll avoid the Moon Lord's tongue; the inner "block box" protects against his laser and projectile attacks, while giving you avenues to damage him safely. Let the hoik do the job of moving you around! All you need to do is click the mouse to attack at the right time and heal/buff as you go. This will be a marathon match, lasting anywhere from ~25-40 minutes. Don't worry! In the process you'll develop an "attack rhythm" of when to click your mouse to attack.

This is not an AFK FARM!

You'll have to pay attention to your health, because you will still get damaged sometimes by the Moon Lord's attacks and his Eyes.

Best example of this method is shown here: