June 2019: Month in REVIEW!



Lots of things have happened since my last Monthly Blog! I’ve been interviewed, stymied and everything in between! LET’S ROLL THAT BEAUTIFUL PROGRESS FOOTAGE!

Time’s running out…

Time’s running out…

My first indie Game Jam has started on the 21st of June and I had a total of 89 people enter.On my Discord, I’ve met some really great devs, who I think will make some amazing games, aside from the Jam. I feel that my community has grown by drawing a lot helpful, friendly people.

It’s within the last 5 days before voting and we’ve got two interesting submissions right now and some more incoming as well, hopefully. I believe visitors will really enjoy the games produced from this. These devs are really earning their prizes! Stop by the ENTRIES Page and support their works; the devs would appreciate it.

You’ll need help to SURVIVE!

You’ll need help to SURVIVE!

Do/Say the right things to make friends!

Do/Say the right things to make friends!


I had the opportunity to talk with two indie game dev focused content creators. I’ll admit, i kinda went off the rails in the interviews, but I chalk that up to being passionate about my games and my experience as a game dev for a VERY long time. I want to give a shout out to @GWBycer for having me over on his podcast. It was an interesting conversation.

Jeff Porter from Indie Gamer Magazine about my two CONCURRENT game projects, the ups and downs and the experiences that comes with it. He released it with a great rundown of other indie games in their latest issue on June 1. It’s a good read and you should show your support by buying a copy.




I’ve FINALLY made more progress on Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem’s BETA 2! Due to a lot of fumbling around and making money to survive, I had to push the release schedule significantly. Please see what my latest update schedule will be.

Based on what I’m trying to accomplish, this is my  estimated  projections…

Based on what I’m trying to accomplish, this is my estimated projections…

That’s a rap for this June. and I’m looking for to what this month will bring. Also look forward for more content from me as well. Have a great one!